Six Flags St Louis – What Are Some of the Newest Attractions to This Popular Theme Park?

Six Flags St. Louis is an amusement park located in Eureka, MO.  It opened in 1971 as the third park in the Six Flags chain, and features eight uniquely themed areas.  Each area has a spectacular design, thrilling rides, and amazing attractions.  There are over fifty rides and attractions to check into on over 132 acres.  They can all be accessed with Six Flags St. Louis coupons, which can be found online.The park’s eight theme areas include:  Looney Tunes Town, DC Comics Plaza, Britannia, Gateway to the West, 1904 World Fair, Chouteau’s Market, Warner Bros., & Backlot.  There is also a Hurricane Harbor nearby for visitors who want to go on thrilling water rides.  There are rides and attractions that parents and kids alike can enjoy, making this amusement park the #1 top vacation spot in Missouri.Some recent additions to the park are Tony Hawk’s Big Spin and Evel Knievel roller coasters.  The Evel Knievel ride is especially popular and has received plenty of raving reviews.  It was added just last year, and features a very twisty-layout, extreme speeds, and tons of thrills!  It is eight stories and drops at a 90 degree left turn angle, as riders soar over 16 camelback hills over and over again.  This ride is included with main admission, so those who want to check it out can do so with their Six Flags St. Louis discount tickets.Also at the park this summer visitors can see performances by Jesse McCartney, TobyMac, and other popular singers live.  Since there is so much to do and experience, visitors should plan to stay at least two or three days.   Thanks to Six Flags coupons and discounted ticket prices that are available through the park’s website, family vacations have never been cheaper!

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Discounts – Learn How to Save on the Amusement Park and Animal Park!

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom is an amusement park, Animal Park, and oceanarium located in Vallejo, CA. There is a wide selection of rides and attractions. Kids and grown-ups alike can “discover” a lot at Discovery Kingdom. The attractions are divided up into three themes: Sea, Land, and Sky. Altogether, there are around 35 rides, games, animal attractions, and more.If you want to go this year, you need to go ahead and order your tickets online. Don’t procrastinate, or you’ll only end up wasting both money and time. The great thing about ordering Six Flags Discovery Kingdom discount tickets online is that they are really cheap! Indeed, they are much cheaper online than anywhere else. You will also save time from not having to stand around and wait at the entrance all morning.Since there is so much to see and do, one, single ticket isn’t enough. If you invest in a season pass, you will find that it pays for itself after just two visits! Furthermore, you will receive a book filled with coupons and promotional offers if you become a season passholder. This book will also contain some free extra tickets for you to give to family and friends.So, what can you experience? Well, some of the funnest rides include Medusa, Kong, Sky Coaster, and Vertical Velocity (V2). V2 is a vertical coaster that will shoot you up 15 stories at a 45 degree incline. From there, you will zoom down a 90 degree tower! This is a floorless ride, so your feet will be dangling the entire time. You will be going up to speeds as high as 70 mph!Along with the fun rides, there are also plenty of animal attractions. You can meet Odin, the white Bengal tiger; Merlin, the Dolphin; Shouka, the Killer Whale, and many more animals. There are many programs that you and your friends/family will want to check out. For instance, you can ride an elephant with a Safari Pass. In the Backstage Safari program, you can visit the animals behind-the-scenes with the trainers. It can be a very educational experience, especially if you have kids with you!All in all, this is a great park. You will definitely enjoy everything it has to offer. In fact, you will probably enjoy everything so much that you will want to return for more visits in the future! For this reason, you need to get a season pass. Not only is it good for UNLIMITED visits, you will receive hundreds of dollars worth of Six Flags Discovery Kingdom coupons as a season passholder!